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Various Comments From Students, Past and Present

“I’ve just listened to our lessons…and I’m really happy..Sometimes, i can really hear some sounds that make me dreams!! You help me to have the voice I’ve always dreamed to have..A full voice, deep, brilliant and dark at the same time…I know that’s only the beginning of the road but that’s exciting!!!”

AD (July 2008)

“I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful and inspiring weekend that you provided us all! Thanks to you, once again, I felt what my voice can achieve with the right teaching! I really would like to be able to work with you more times, if possible. You are wonderful!!!”

AF April 2007

“A Susan e uma inspiracao para mim e para o meu futuro. Estou muito feliz por a ter conhecido, uma pessoa maravilhosa e uma magnifica professora.”

AC Lisbon 2007

“It was absolutely wonderful working with a personality like you. I honestly can say that it was definitly (sic) one of my best musical experiences ever.”

PVdeA April 2007

“Thank you so much for the lesson yesterday, it was very pleasant and revealing a lot of things about myself that I wasn’t really aware of so far. I was literally stripped off emotionally and it was quite something. It might actually the first time it happened to me so I wanted as well to tell you how grateful I was towards you. Thank you as well for the encouragements, they are very welcome. I am so much looking forward to our next session and wish you a great Sunday”(sic)

EH May 2007

“Whitney took advanced studies at the prestigious GSMD in London…and met the sought after professor Susan McCulloch, under (whose) ‘rigorously uncompromising tutelage’ she became much in demand as a recitalist and rising operatic mezzo-soprano”

Times “Go Arts” October 2003

“I came home and said … that I probably had the best singing teacher in the world… your technical knowledge seems to be comprehensive but is coupled with an incredible ability to put it in easily understandable and, perhaps even more importantly, visual terms. You never stop looking for new ways to improve both you and your pupils and the energy and enthusiasm is infectious. You are a model pro who neither spouts nor accepts bullshit from wankers!”

EJD January 2004

“An enormous thank you too for all your guidance, patience support and nagging… not forgetting inspiration – both professionally and personally. Never has music-making been so joyful, uplifting, emotional and such hard work!”

SJY December 2003

“My students and I were buzzing for days after your masterclass. What inspirational, wonderful teaching – congratulations. It was very affirming both for them and for me to hear the same stuff I am always banging on about    reinforced by you so wonderfully graphically. Thank you so very much.”

CC December 2002

“Perhaps the main reason I wanted to write to you was to thank you for being a kind of mentor to me when my life wasn’t as good as it is now… even though you were only my singing teacher you helped me in many ways, as you frequently gave me advice about life and you always seemed interested in your students well being …. You were there for me when other people weren’t, and when I am asked who is my hero I can never think of one as there are many good people, but I always think of you as a person who I will always look up to and respect for the rest of my life.”

HE September 2002

The Principal Conservatoires/Accredited Musical Establishments in the UK.

Guildhall School of Music & Drama
Royal College of Music;
Royal Academy of Music;
National Opera Studio.
Birmingham School of Music.
Royal Northern College of Music – Manchester.
Royal Scottish Academy of Music – Glasgow.
Welsh College of Music & Drama – Cardiff.